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Air Tube Headphones (EMF Safe) Product Information
Air tube headphones utilise an 18cm hollow tube between the speakers and the ear buds so the sound is delivered to your ear with almost zero EMR. Conventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also emit electromagnetic radiation.
Conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, disturbance in the sleep-wake cycle, obesity, eating disorders, and chronic pain are associated with disruptions in serotonin.
What is Nascent Iodine and why do I need it?
Proper levels of iodine within the body are a major supportive factor against immune problems, effects of environmental and dietary toxins, and rising levels of toxic radiation exposure.
Vitamin Code RAW Resveratrol by Garden of Life
Resveratol is well known for its health benefits for the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and supporting longevity and immune balance. Garden of Life’s RAW Resveratrol™ is the only RAW and fermented Resveratrol available.
Lakanto - The Body Ecology Recommended Healthy Sugar Replacement
Unlike sugar and the other natural sweeteners LAKANTO does not feed the harmful yeast (candida) and bacteria in your body. Lakanto is even safe for diabetics! Read more about this zero glycemic sweetener and how it can be used to support your health.
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Living Foods Lifestyle - Product Reviews

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