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Earthing Half Sheet with 2 Purchase Options
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Earthing Half Sheet with 2 Purchase Options
Earthing Half Sheet with 2 Purchase Options
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1/2 Sheet Earthing System with 5 Purchase/Connection Options


IMPORTANT - Please select your purchase option from the drop down box.  The drop down box gives you options to choose from for connecting your Earthing Half Sheet PLUS you can also choose to select an option that includes the Earthing Book at a highly reduced rate.  We have included this option to encourage our customers to read up and educate themselves about how Earthing works and the science behind it.  The book is a fascinating read!





The known effect of earthing is that it discharges and prevents the buildup of electrical stress. Walking barefoot on the Earth, as humans have done throughout history, naturally grounds and discharges electrical stress from the body. The most reported benefit from people who place their bare feet directly on the Earth and ground themselves is that they "feel better."


Sleeping grounded is the best way to reap the benefits of connecting with the Earth. Our new cotton fitted sheets are woven with soft conductive silver fibers.  This half sheet comes with its own plug for connecting to a wall socket.


The Barefoot Bed Pad (1/2 sheet) Sleep System - (Fits all sized beds from Single to King) is a natural colour cotton half sheet approximately 33" x 120" (82.5cm x 3m) with woven-in conductive silver fibers. The sheet is placed at the foot or center of the bed, over your bottom fitted sheet and tucked under and around the mattress. The sheet connects to the earth with a grounding cord. One end of the grounding cord snaps onto the sheet and the other end is fitted to the Adapter Plug that connects into an electrical outlet or to the earthing grounding rod system

How It Works
Placing your bare feet or any part of your body on the fitted sheet grounds your body to the Earth during sleep. The sheet connects to the Earth while plugged into the grounded port of your outlet by using the Australasian Adapter Plug or with a ground rod and cord . One end of the cord snaps onto the sheet. The other end fits into the Adapter Plug and is inserted directly into the ground port of an electrical wall outlet or is fitted into the ground rod.





Earthing Connection Ground Rods are recommended use with all Earthing products. They are mandatory for use in older homes (generally those built before 1960) and highly recommended for all home use.

If the electrical wiring in your home, apartment, or office does not have a functional grounding system you will not be able to plug your Earthing Connection product into a wall outlet. Many older houses and buildings (built before the 1960s) may have a compromised grounding system and it would be advisable to have it tested by a registered Electrician. The Earthing Ground Rod is a practical solution for such older structures without updated grounding systems.

The Outlet Checker that is available on this site will check the individual wall sockets to ensure that they are wired correctly - this is highly recommended.  However, this check does not give you an indication as to whether or not the whole building is correctly earthed.

Installation of the Rod

The rod is placed directly in the Earth near the foundation of the home/office.  The rod comes fitted with a 45-foot cord that will reach to most first and second story locations. Simply run the cord from the rod under or around a window or door near where you will use your Earthing product. An electrician can install a permanent Earthing outlet, if desired, that generally includes drilling a small hole through the wall, mounting a wall plate, and running a ground wire to the outlet.


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Earthing Half Sheet with 2 Purchase Options

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