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RECIPE Gluten-free, low glycemic Soft Oatmeal Cookies with Mulberries
These gluten-free cookies maintain their low glycemic rating with the use of Lakanto and Coconut Palm Sugar. Mulberries add a chewy texture while optional Cacao Nibs scattered throughout give a nice surprise.
RECIPE Almond Butter Chocolate Brazil nut cookies
This must be one of the quickest, healthiest versions of a Cookie Monster cookie that I know of. Totally delicious, quick to whip up and only 11 minutes in the oven...the kids will love you for it.
RECIPE Superfood Cacao Crackles by Laurinda Erasmus
I remember making Chocolate Crackles as a child and mixing the dry ingredients into the melted Kremelta then into the cup cake holders and into the fridge to eagerly await their setting....well this is the supercharged, nutritious version and so yummy!
RECIPE Healthy Raw Vegan Caramel Slice
This raw food Caramel slice is so delicious and decadent it is hard to stop at one slice. It beats the cooked version hands down for both flavour and nutrition.
Tangy Goldenberry Chocolate Chia Pudding
Goldenberries are high in bioflavinoids like Vitamin C which gives them their delightful tangy flavour. Combine that with Chocolate and Coconut Secret nectar and you have a rich and zesty taste treat.
Fresh Fruit Cup
Pure Wraps are good for you in so many ways. Whether you prefer savory or sweet, simple or sophisticated, Pure Wraps are a versatile addition to a healthy diet. Here are some recipes that show the ways that Pure Wraps can help make what you eat matter.
Chai Bliss Balls
Chai Bliss Balls Recipe courtesy of Gwen Marzano, Garden of Life Educator and Certified RAW Vegan Chef makes 26 - 30 high protein, nutritious food balls. So handy for travelling and for packed lunches.
Chai Bliss Balls
Almond Yogurt Recipes for breakfast/dessert sauces
Here are two recipes using Almond Yogurt that you can have with fruit salad or granola - Banana Yogurt Sauce and Taste of the Tropics Fluffy Almond Yogurt Sauce
Coconut Chia Mousse
Coconut Chia Mousse makes excellent use of the whole baby coconut so you are using both the water and the white soft flesh of the coconut. The addition of the Coconut butter enhances the rich creaminess of this dish.
Dark Chocolate Goldenberry Bliss Balls
Wow your taste buds with the delicious tang of powdered goldenberry, kind of like the sherberts we used to have as children, to be followed by the lovely, rich chocolatey mix of the goldenberry flavoured bliss ball....what a winner!
How to Make Almond Mylk
This is the basic recipe for making Almond Mylk and takes you step by step through the process. Once you have made the mylk you may then want to use the pulp to make your own, raw food almond flour as per the instructions.
Mulberry/mulberries Cashew Creme
Mulberry Cashew Creme surprises with its caramel like full flavour. I was expecting a sweet flavour when first creating the dish and was pleasantly surprised with the caramel overtones that popped out.
Rich Goji Chocolate Sauce
This rich chocolatey sauce is great for dipping your strawberries or other fruit into or spread across the top the our Mulberry Cashew creme for a truly decadent dessert.
Trail Mix Superfood Fudge
Your taste buds will be surprised by the tartness of the Golden berries, the sweetness of the mulberries, the crunch of raw cashews, sweetened nibs and finally the silkiness of the raw cacao and nectar fudge that coats this nutrient rich delight.
Raw Vegan Cupcakes with 4 Berry truffle filling and Vanilla cream icing
The creamy truffle filling and the fluffy Vanilla icing help this raw food cupcake to stay deliciously light and irresistible. Mulberries, goldenberries, goji berries and blueberries are the star perfomers for this dessert.
Maqui Superfood Truffles with Mint Maca
This Superfood truffle recipe has been made using low glycemic sweeteners and makes an excellent morning or afternoon tea pickme up, great potluck plate or dinner party fingerfood.
Chocolate Goji Chia Pudding/Breakfast
This dish is so nourishing and enjoyed by all ages that it can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days and a few spoonfuls eaten at any time that you feel like you need something sustaining and nourishing.
Rich Goji, Spirulina, Cacao Mousse / Icecream
Raw Goji, Cacao and Spirulina are the ultimate in superfood blends, combining perfectly in flavour and properties to synergistically support the nutrients that each of them bring to this recipe. Serve in summer with your favourite fruit salad.
Almond Mylk Chia Pudding
This dish makes an excellent energy sustaining breakfast for children and adults alike and is nutritionally dense while balancing blood sugar and allowing a slow release of energy for hours.
Raw Food Chocolate Icing
This Recipe is tastes just like Chocolate Icing except made with Superfoods.
Fruit Topped Cacao Mousse
Fruit Topped Cacao Mousse by Michele K La Chante This recipe produces a nicely firm raw cacao mousse that has the added lift of the addition of 5 different spices.
Superfoods store carrying quality superfoods, organic foods, raw and living foods plus popular ranges like Garden of Life, Body Ecology, Navitas Naturals, Healthforce Nutritionals and many more.
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