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Ujido Matcha Coconut Latte
Unlike regular steeped green tea, the very fine powder of the Matcha tea leaves are consumed whole mixed into liquid, or added to other ingredients.
RECIPE - Refreshing Probiotic Summer Drink with Ancient Earth Minerals
Incorporating the Body Ecology probiotic drinks, this delicious and nutritious drink for a hot summer's day keeps you refreshed and nourished and best of all, so easy to make!
Green Machine Smoothie with Almond Mylk
Utilizing the Perfect Food Energizer and Raw Vanilla Protein Powders
Energise Smoothie
Energise Smoothie with Garden of Life RAW Protein Vanilla and Perfect Food Energizer.
Vanilla Meal Malt
Vanilla Meal Malt with Garden of Life® RAW Meal Vanilla.
Refreshing Tropical Almond Yogurt and Coconut Kefir Drink
This refreshing and naturally bubbly drink uses Coconut Kefir combined with Almond Yogurt and Raw Coconut Butter for a light but creamy taste sensation.
Coconut Kefir Lemonade and Lemonade ULTRA
This recipe makes a refreshing morning drink to kick start your day in the best way possible. We have given you a basic recipe and then we have the super charged ULTRA version.
How to Make Almond Mylk
This is the basic recipe for making Almond Mylk and takes you step by step through the process. Once you have made the mylk you may then want to use the pulp to make your own, raw food almond flour as per the instructions.
Vegan Raw Food Egg Nog (Nut Nog)
This creamy Nut Nog will spice up your Christmas or any party celebrations. The organic spices and caramel sweetness of the low glycemic Coconut Nectar make a delicious partnership and bring a healthy twist to an old time favourite.
Cacao Mulberry/Mulberries Superfood Thickshake
A thick, creamy Superfood shake using delicious antioxidant and resveratrol rich mulberries to sweeten and baby thai coconut water and flesh to thicken and enhance nutritionally.
Refreshing Pomegranate Chia Seed Drink
A refreshing, mineral rich drink that is quick and easy to make plus organic, vegan, raw and suitable for Stage 1 Body Ecology.
Vitamin C Vitality Spring Drink
This drink is exceptionally high in Vitamin C due to the presence of the Camu camu powder and the lemon and pineapple. The Goji is high in antioxidants and a great immune support so a great drink to have when your immune system is low
Miner’s Lettuce Spring Smoothie
Low glycaemic, alkaline, high in chlorophyll, omegas and Vitamin C plus Body Ecology Friendly. The common name miner's lettuce refers to its use by California Gold Rush miners who ate it to get their vitamin C to prevent scurvy.
Morning Mocha
Good Morning Mocha is the raw food version of a chilled coffee cappuccino without the caffeine. Great transitional drink for anyone wanting to drop coffee from their diet.
Amazing Raw Vegan Creamy Soda
This drink was created on a hot day as a healthy, light and refreshing low glycemic, vegan alternative. This drink is also suitable for Stage II of the Body Ecology diet.
Coconut Cream Kefir Smoothie for Athletes
Coconut Cream Kefir Smoothie for Athletes I like this recipe for athletes because it is high in potassium from both the kefir water and banana plus bananas are high in both iron and tryptophan.
Pineapple Coconut Cream Kefir Smoothie
Pineapple Coconut Cream Kefir Smoothie. by Michele K La Chante Pineapple is high in fibre and also contains good amounts of vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and a digestive enzyme called bromelain.
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