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Miso Glazed Eggplant and Matcha Green Tea Rice
This healthy, vegetarian meal is great for lunch or dinner! If you’re not big on eggplant, you can cook this with salmon instead.
Power Pack Snacks
Power Pack Snacks with Garden of Life RAW Fit and Coconut Secrets 'Alive'Coconut Oil.
RECIPE Curried Superfood Millet Biryani
This is a gluten free, dairy free, soy free grain dish that pushes all the right buttons as a warm or cold accompaniment to a salad or have it hot in winter with steamed veges. This a simple dish to make but so, so tasty.
RECIPE Savoury Italian Herb Sprouted Quinoa Millet Waffles
These waffles are Body Ecology friendly, utilizing the alkaline, gluten free grains that are included in the Body Ecology diet. They are also very hard to resist so make certain to make a big batch!
RECIPE Raw Asian Creamy Kelp Noodles
Cashews, miso and sesame seed oil form the basis of this creamy sauce for spreading over the gluten free, raw kelp noodles. Recipe courtesy of Kimberly Snyder, C.N., author of The Beauty Detox Foods
Pure Wraps - Curry Wraps with Thai-style Chicken and Cashews
Here is a staff recipe from Rhiannon using our Pure Wraps Curry Flavour. Curry Wraps with Thai-style Chicken and Cashews.
Beet and Black Tahini Hummus
For many years now I have enjoyed grated raw beetroot in my salads and so it is about to take centre stage in this recipe along with creamy raw, black tahini.
Kelp Noodles and Tomato Basil Sauce made with Almond Yogurt
This is a vegan,raw food dish made using a a fermented almond yogurt for the Mediterranean style sauce. Truly delicious and appealing to anyone.
Zucchini and Red Pepper Hummus
This deliciously light hummus is an excellent replacement for Chickpea Hummus that can be difficult for some to digest. It is irresistible with carrot and celery sticks, on crunchy raw dehydrator crackers or as a filling for tomato halves.
Basic Grain Dish
This Basic Grain Dish is made using Quinoa and Millet and is versatile for use in salads, soups, sushi, patties, or its own kind of polenta. It is quick and easy and very simple to make.
Creamy Cashew nut sauce with Kelp noodles
A creamy raw gourmet sauce for a nurishing kelp noodle dish. Serve with salad or steamed greens for a nourishing main course meal.
Kelp Noodles with Italian Basil Sauce by Michele K La Chante
A creamy walnut based sauce that has a herb-filled blend of chopped parsley and basil, thyme and marjoram.
Creamy Curried Avocado Pasta Sauce for Kelp Noodles
This delicious creamy sauce and noodle dish is quick and easy to prepare and makes great use of seasonal vegetables. You can add any vegetable that you like and zucchini and snow peas were the ones that we had on hand the night that the dish was created.
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