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Body Ecology Recipes
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RECIPE - Refreshing Probiotic Summer Drink with Ancient Earth Minerals
Incorporating the Body Ecology probiotic drinks, this delicious and nutritious drink for a hot summer's day keeps you refreshed and nourished and best of all, so easy to make!
How to make Coconut Kefir Using 1 Litre of Coconut Water
Coconut water is a quick and easy way to brew your own Coconut Kefir without fuss and mess. Drink you way to health with this probiotic rich fermented Kefir drink.
Almond Yogurt - Fermented Almond Creme.
The Ann Wigmore fermented Almond Creme has been updated in this recipe which is now made using Coconut Kefir in place of Rejuvelac for a delicious, easy to digest vegan yogurt.
Coconut Kefir Lemonade and Lemonade ULTRA
This recipe makes a refreshing morning drink to kick start your day in the best way possible. We have given you a basic recipe and then we have the super charged ULTRA version.
Dark Chocolate Goldenberry Bliss Balls
Wow your taste buds with the delicious tang of powdered goldenberry, kind of like the sherberts we used to have as children, to be followed by the lovely, rich chocolatey mix of the goldenberry flavoured bliss ball....what a winner!
Tart Lemony Parfait with Whipped Cream
This tangy dessert uses zero glycemic, zero calorie Lakanto sweetener for a Body Ecology friendly sweet treat. It is the kind of dessert that you can prepare the day before and chill over night in the fridge for a firm texture.
Refreshing Pomegranate Chia Seed Drink
A refreshing, mineral rich drink that is quick and easy to make plus organic, vegan, raw and suitable for Stage 1 Body Ecology.
Beef Bone broth stock
This is the recipe for the basic bone broth stock that is used to make the Curried Celery Soup which is suitable for Stage 1 Body Ecology.
Basic Grain Dish
This Basic Grain Dish is made using Quinoa and Millet and is versatile for use in salads, soups, sushi, patties, or its own kind of polenta. It is quick and easy and very simple to make.
Curried Celery Soup
This soup is suitable for Stage 1 Body Ecology and is a great healing food for the adrenals. It can be bulked out by adding the Basic Grain dish for additional nutrition.
Lakanto Chocolate Icing Recipe plus Vanilla Cream
This icing is a creamy rich chocolate icing made with Lakanto sugar replacement and is zero glycemic and zero calories.
Flourless Chocolate Cake made with Lakanto
This Chocolate cake is gluten free and with a delicious moist, rich texture. The Lakanto is used in place of sugar and it is zero glycemic and zero calories. The cake can be served with a Lakanto Chocolate Icing and Vanilla Cream.
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