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Almond Yogurt Recipes for breakfast/dessert sauces
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Almond Yogurt Recipes for breakfast/dessert sauces
Almond Yogurt Recipes for breakfast/dessert sauces
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Almond Yogurt Sauce Recipes for Fruit Salad or Granola

By Michele K La Chante


Because of the fermented Almond Yogurt/Creme, these sauces are delicious and easy to digest, unlike standard nut sauces which many struggle with. 

Both of these recipes go brilliantly with a fresh fruit salad, your own dehydrated buckwheat granola and chopped up apple.


NOTE: Please remember that once you starting using a live, fermented food like the Almond Yogurt in recipes you are better to make just enough for that meal or to use the dish up within 24 hours since the fermentation process keeps going and especially once you have given the beneficial bacteria more food in the form of the dates and banana.  They will really kick into action and keep multiplying and will start to change the taste of the dish over the next hours that the dish is sitting.




Banana Yogurt Sauce



½  cup of Almond Yogurt

½ cup of mashed up, ripe banana

6 – 8 drops of Stevia

Pinch or two of spice mix.



Tip the mashed up banana into a bowl along with the stevia and the cinnamon and mix well.  Next tip in the Almond Yogurt and fold it in with the other ingredients.


This mixture is now ready to use with your fruit salad or granola.  For our picture I have used the Go Raw Chocolate Buckwheat Granola which is a favourite in our house and I have mixed it with a chopped up, in season apple and topped with the the Banana Yogurt....very, very nice mmmm and very quick and easy to put together.




Taste of the Tropics Fluffy Almond Yogurt Sauce


1 cup of Almond Yogurt

4 fresh Medjool dates

1/3 cup of Cocoa Butter

½ tsp Vanilla Powder



Take the seeds out of the Medjool dates and chop the dates up fine.  Add them along with the rest of the ingredients to your blender and blend until smooth and fluffy.


Use as topping for desserts or breakfasts.

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Here are two recipes using Almond Yogurt that you can have with 
fruit salad or granola - Banana Yogurt Sauce and Taste of the 
Tropics Fluffy Almond Yogurt Sauce
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Almond Yogurt Recipes for breakfast/dessert sauces

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