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ARTICLE - The remarkable healing impact that Gelatin Powder had on my health
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ARTICLE - The remarkable healing impact that Gelatin Powder had on my health
ARTICLE - The remarkable healing impact that Gelatin Powder had on my health
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My remarkable experience with Pure Gelatin Powder.

by Michele La Chante


My Story and reason for the creation of the Jellies

Over the last few years, due to overwork and high stress, I was struggling to digest food easily and uptake their nutrients.  My production of hydrochloric acid in my stomach had dropped very low and I knew that this would be affecting my ability to digest protein and benefit from all of the important ways that it maintains health in my body.  All my life I had experienced dry skin on the front of my shins and suddenly, 18 months ago, this became even more prominent and presented itself as a 'crocodile' like appearance.


Pure gelatin is pure protein and easily utilised by the digestive system so I decided to come up with a way of snacking on it that was enjoyable, quick and easy to prepare and that we could have either at the office or at home.  At the time of making this decision I did not realise just how much of an impact it would have on my body and how much it's ability to heal would improve so dramatically.  I also added a heaped teaspoon of the Collagen Hydrolysate to all of my drinks/herb teas that I had and this also played an important part in the results that I had as I sit here today that speak volumes for themselves.


The dry skin that had been on the front of my shins for decades shrunk and disappeared and for the first time ever in my life I no longer need to wear moisturiser on my legs.  The rapid speed at which any cuts healed was another welcome side effect plus the growing softness and suppleness of my skin.  My hair took on a new sheen which was another sign that my body was loving having a wonderfully nourishing and easy to digest source of protein that it could finally utilise in rebuilding cells.  My stomach, which had been struggling with so many foods, even the ones deemed highly beneficial for my blood type, seemed to settle down and I found that I could eat and enjoy without the discomfort afterwards.


After being on the Gelatin Powder for some months and seeing the results possible, I came to the realisation that I had been protein deficient for many, many years and the pure powdered gelatin had given me the opportunity to right that wrong.  It was not that I was not eating enough protein, I was just not able to digest it and gain the benefits required to maintain healthy cells.  As we say in Body Ecology, you are not what you are what you digest!  The Gelatin powder I was able to easily digest and put to work repairing and maintaining my body.


I hope that my experience will be helpful to some of our readers who have had their own similar health challenges and I will be forever grateful to this wonderful healing food and the positive difference that it has made in my life.  Below is the jelly recipe that I came up with that contributed to this healing journey.




500mls of boiling water

500mls of cold water

5 tablespoons of Great Lakes pure gelatin powder – (preservative and sulphite free)

5 teaspoons of Stevita (cherry, orange, lime flavours)

1 – 3 droppers of Body Ecology LIQUID Ancient Earth Minerals (Fulvic and Humic Minerals)

OPTIONAL: 3 Tablespoons of Pomamax



  • Tip 500mls of boiling water into your blender (check that the bowl can handle boiling water)
  • Start the blender up on low and add the 5 tablespoons of pure gelatine powder and let it process at the same low speed until the gelatin is dissolved which is not long at all. 
  • While it is still spinning, add the 500mls of cold water and lastly, the Body Ecology liquid Ancient Earth Fulvic and Humic Mineral drops,  5 teaspoons of Stevita and 3 tablespoons of Pomamax
  • Pour mixture into a suitable pyrex or other baking dish approximately 31cm x 19cm and let sit on a bench to firm up.  This mix will firm at room temperature and you can cut it once this has happened or put in the fridge where it will continue to firm up a bit more. 
  • Chop up into cubes and store in the fridge.


Also great between meals snack or pre dinner snack to help reduce appetite if looking to lose weight.  Suitable for adults and children alike.


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I had heard about the healing effects of Pure Gelatin Powder but had not expected the amazing results that happened for me and the realizations that came out of those healings.
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ARTICLE - The remarkable healing impact that Gelatin Powder had on my health

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