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Basic Grain Dish
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Basic Grain Dish
Basic Grain Dish
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Basic Grain Dish

By Michele K La Chante


1 cup of Millet

1 cup of Quinoa

1 tablespoon raw cider vinegar or lemon juice

Water to cover


SOAK the grains in this water for 8 hours or overnight and rinse off thoroughly.


½ red onion finely chopped

3  Tablespoons of organic Ghee or butter

Large thumb sized piece of ginger

1 rounded teaspoon of dried organic basil

1 rounded teaspoon of dried organic oregano

1 rounded teaspoon of dried organic Italian Herbs

2 teaspoons of celtic salt

Pinch of cayenne (optional)

4 cups of purified cold water



Melt ghee/butter in saucepan on medium heat.  Add onion and crushed ginger and stir fry until translucent.  Add grains, herbs and cayenne and continue to stir for a few minutes while mixing constantly.  Add the 4 cups of cold water and salt, mix well together and allow the mix to come gently  to a slow rolling simmer.  Simmer for no more than 5 minutes and then turn off.  Mix well and leave to sit for 15 minutes then stir again and leave til ready to use.




Mix into salads

Add to stir frys

Add to soup

Make into patties, adding egg and other ingredients.

Make into polenta and oven bake or fry in pan.




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This Basic Grain Dish is made using Quinoa and Millet and is versatile for use in salads, soups, sushi, patties, or its own kind of polenta.  It is quick and easy and very simple to make.
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Basic Grain Dish

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