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Double Fermented Sauerkraut Juice
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Double Fermented Sauerkraut Juice
Double Fermented Sauerkraut Juice
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DOUBLE FERMENTED SAUERKRAUT JUICE by Michele K La Chante (Living Foods Lifestyle New Zealand)


I came up with this recipe for several reasons, the main one being that I loved the taste of sauerkraut juice that has overflowed when you decant the sauerkraut after fermentation and there just never seemed to be enough juice.

I also found that when my digestive fire was particularly weak and I did not feel like I could eat much of the sauerkraut, that I always could handle the juice and even looked forward to it.

Lastly, I knew that I wanted to be able to flood my gut with beneficial bacteria and so this double fermenting was a way of increasing the number of live, beneficial bacteria by a huge amount and it allowed me to choose which combination of strains I wanted in it.

Probiotic capsules serve an important role for those who are travelling or who do not make up their own fermented foods and drinks.  The capsules are ultimately, however, in a dormant and dying state compared to a drink like this or raw fermented food where the beneficial bacteria are thriving and multiplying at an incredible rate.

I look back at my time doing the juice feast for 70 days and wish that I had created this drink back then because it would have made up an important part of my daily juice intake.  So here you go, for those of you who would like to include one of the most nutritious, health enhancing drinks I know of with the greatest potential to increase nutrient absorption and gut flora through billions and billions of live bacteria in every mouthful.





On the day of making the juice I will either leave the jar of sauerkraut on the bench top all day so that it comes up to room temperature or leave out overnight if wanting to make up the batch in the morning.

Empty the contents of the jar into a blender like a Vita Mix. Fill the empty jar with water, swirl around and add to the Vitamix. Blend on high til well broken down.

Next tip the blended contents of the Vitamix jug into a large nutmylk bag over a bowl and squeeze through the bag until you have extracted every drop of liquid you can.  You will be surprised at just how little fibre is left.

Pour the extracted juice back into the blender jug and add the ecobloom/yacon powder.  You can blend up and ferment at this point and you will produce a great twice fermented sauerkraut juice with large populations of beneficial bacteria.  But I like to add the extra probiotics with additional hardy strains at this point and so in goes the  Primal Defense powder and Flora balance and blend at a very low speed for a few seconds, just enough to mix well.  If you want to taste it at this point you will find it to be a slightly sweet, bland flavour.

Tip this mix into 2 x 1 litre jars and lightly screw lids on.


Prepared Sauerkraut Juice ready for fermenting

I then put my jars into our hot water cupboard or any warm, draughtless spot in the house or kitchen that you can find and leave it

to ferment for 36 to 48 hours depending on how well fermented and sour you want it.  Remember that the ecobloom feeds the bacteria so that they multiply at an incredible rate but once they have eaten that food then the drink will start to go off at some point so keep an eye on it.  You are safe with the time periods that I have given you.  Once fermented this juice tastes deliciously savoury and sour and your body will recognise it as an amazing healing food.


If you want to make up a kimchi style sauerkraut and the go on to make up the double fermented sauerkraut juice then you will end up with a delicious spicy beverage.  Your sauerkraut juice will take on the flavour of whatever herbs or spices you add into your sauerkraut.


Shelf Life

The double fermented sauerkraut juice  will keep for up to 7 to 10 days in the fridge depending on how sour you let it go since the more sour means the less food left to keep the bacteria happy while resting in the fridge. Always make sure to shake or mix the double fermented sauerkraut well before pouring yourself a drink.



If you want to take it to the next level, try this recipe out for size or even just add any one of the ingredients.  The enzymes and bacteria in the sauerkraut juice will make any one of these added foods even more bio available.

Add all of the ingredients to the juice and keep stirring periodically over the next 10 minutes to help break up the chia as it swells, absorbs the fluid and becomes glutinous.  It will still be a drink in texture but will have the swollen chia in it that will make you stop and chew them while having the drink and this further enables effective digestion and assimilation of the whole concoction.

I let the mix stand on the bench for atleast 1/2 an hour and for up to 6 hours before drinking as I really love the texture of the chia seeds once the bacteria work on them a little plus the bacteria will keep multiplying as the liquid comes to room temperature.  This drink is so energising and nutritious that it can keep me going easily for hours on end. It is high protein, mineral and probiotic rich while producing sustained, released energy through the addition of the chia seeds.



The green powders and phytoplankton drops are all foods, not supplements, and are extremely healing, cleansing and energising so make sure to start with the minimum measurements until your body adjusts to that level of nutrition.

The amount of beneficial bacteria in this drink is so vast that it pays to start with small amounts until your gut flora builds up as the large populations of beneficial bacteria contained in this double fermentation process can provoke a healing action in itself as the new soldiers move into your gut to rebalance your intestinal flora.

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DOUBLE FERMENTED SAUERKRAUT JUICE by Michele K La Chante (Living Foods Lifestyle New Zealand) I came up with this recipe for several reasons...
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Double Fermented Sauerkraut Juice

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