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PARASITES: THE INVISIBLE CULPRIT THAT COULD BE MAKING YOU SICK EcoClear can help kill them Introducing a powerful, all-natural, anti-parasitic to help you heal. Formulated from some of the most powerful anti-parasitic herbs known to man The herbs in EcoClear can help cleanse your body of common parasites like worms, amoebas, and their eggs Assists in alleviating chronic health conditions where parasites could be an underlying problem EcoClear can be taken with meals to help PREVENT parasites Make this part of your anti-parasitic “maintenance” plan INTRODUCING ECOCLEAR: THE PARASITE KILLER Whether you know you have parasites or not, here at Body Ecology, we believe that everyone should go on a parasite cleanse once or twice a year. EcoClear, Body Ecology’s #1 product for parasite eradication, was formulated with a blend of our earth’s most powerful botanicals for maximum efficiency. What makes it so unique is its ability to target a wide range of parasitic species. Not sure if you need EcoClear? If you’re struggling with your health, parasites could be the hidden cause keeping you sick. POTENTIAL SYMPTOMS OF A PARASITIC INFECTION: Headaches Back Pain Energy Loss Brain Fog - Or “Spaciness” Vomiting Weight Loss (Or Weight Gain) Colitis Uncontrolled Appetite Joint Pain Muscle Pain Sleep Problems Digestive Issues Inability To Recover Your Health Teeth Grinding Bed Wetting In Children Acne HEALTH CONDITIONS PARASITES COULD BE MAKING WORSE: Arthritis Asthma Lyme Disease Multiple Sclerosis Chronic Fatigue Migraines Depression Anxiety Food Allergies Environmental Allergies What’s A Parasite? A parasite is an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host), obtaining nourishment and protection while offering no benefit in return. Think worms that burrow into your tissues or amoebas that affect your organs - these are the tiny (and not-so-tiny) organisms that can wreak havoc on your body’s various systems. And though parasites are a normal part of life on this planet, once parasites in a person’s body accumulate and reproduce, the total toxic burden becomes too much and the body begins to experience various levels of dysfunction. Who Has Parasites? Think you don’t have parasites? Or that you can only get parasites in underdeveloped or third world countries? Think again. Parasites are highly problematic for all continents and countries and according to the CDC, parasitic infections affect millions around the world. They’re far more common in the United States than most people realize.1 How Do You Know If You Have A Parasite? Testing can help determine if you have parasites, but these can be inaccurate and many parasites are missed. Today, it’s wise to simply accept the fact that we “cohabitate” this planet with them and even in the “cleanest” of environments they’re unavoidable. Testing is an option that may reveal some insights but treating them is a must! If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms or conditions listed above, or just can’t seem to recover from a chronic condition regardless of what you do, it’s highly likely that parasites could be a root cause of your health issues. Can You Prevent Parasitic Infections? Yes! EcoClear can be taken as a preventative measure for warding off parasitic invaders. If you eat sushi, raw salads, rare meat, drink tap water, or will be traveling to a foreign country… EcoClear can help. What Makes EcoClear So Effective? Here’s the killer lineup of EcoClear’s potent ingredients… Holerrhena Antidysentrica (bark) The primary medicinal function of holerrhena antidysentrica is to cure dysentery by removing parasitic amoebas from the body. The bark has many valuable properties, predominantly amoebicidal and anthelmintic in nature. It can be used to help treat infections, get rid of worms, and is a powerful agent for detoxifying the body. [1a] Coriander (seed) Because many parasites survive on sugar, coriander can make it hard for parasites to grow in humans by reducing blood sugar levels. It’s widely used to promote healthy blood sugar levels by stimulating the endocrine glands which increases insulin secretion - this helps sugar absorb properly in the blood which in turn reduces the blood sugar levels. [2] Black Seed (seed) Black seed oil targets the immune system and its antibacterial properties promote the body’s ability to fight off any bacteria and virus and may help with inflammation-related issues. [3] Basil Leaf (leaf) Basil contains volatile and antioxidant-rich essential oil compounds that help the plant defend itself against parasites and predators, including strains of bacteria in the soil. When humans ingest these protective oils, similar benefits are produced, and basil leaf may provide a boost in immunity and protection against disease. [4] Azadirachta indica (neem) Azadirachta indica is a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. It’s also known for its anti-bacterial, anti-hyperglycemic, and insecticidal qualities. It helps tone the digestive system and helps eliminate acidity from the body while providing nourishment to the intestine and killing off intestinal worms.[5] Embelia ribes (entire herb) This plant has many benefits; it acts as astringent, diuretic, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, febrifuge, and carminative. May provide relief from symptoms associated with parasitic infection.[6] Black Walnut (hull) Black walnut may help expel parasites. One of the key active components of its hull is juglone which inhibits certain enzymes needed for metabolic function. Researchers have observed that black walnut can expel parasitic worms from the body, and according to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, black walnut is effective against ringworm, tapeworm, pin or thread worm, and other parasites of the intestine.[7] Clove (fruit) Cloves contain eugenol, the most powerful germicidal agent in the herbal kingdom. It also contains caryophyllene, which is a powerful antimicrobial agent. These components travel through the bloodstream, and may help kill microscopic parasites and parasitic larvae and eggs. Cloves can be effective in killing malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, scabies and other parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi, including Candida. Cloves also help destroy all species of Shigella, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus. Its potency increases when consumed with black walnut hulls and wormwood. [8] Wormwood (wood) Thought to be the most powerful parasite-killing herb nature has to offer, wormwood has antimicrobial and antifungal abilities, kills bacteria and fungi, and is commonly used to eliminate intestinal worms. Wormwood, black walnut, and clove are commonly used together to kill off a parasitic infection and when taken together they can break the parasite’s life cycle. It contains thujone and isothujone, potent chemicals that kill parasites. [9] Peppermint (leaf) Peppermint contains powerful antibacterial & antiparasitic properties that can rid the body of parasites. [10] Grapefruit (seed) Grapefruit seed has proven to be effective against over 800 strains of viruses and bacteria, 100 strains of fungi, and a large variety of single-celled parasites. Despite destroying harmful intestinal parasites, it does not significantly harm the normal bowel flora.

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