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Health Tips from The Body Ecology Practitioner Training Brisbane
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Health Tips from The Body Ecology Practitioner Training Brisbane
Health Tips from The Body Ecology Practitioner Training Brisbane
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Body Ecology Practitioner Training Brisbane

Bullet points of information and summarisations that may help in your health journey.


  • WEIGHT LOSS TIP Lack of sleep causes acidity that then causes the production of hormones that make us want to overeat.  Our bodies are naturally acidic in the morning but that can be turned around quickly.  However, acidity from lack of sleep will persevere all day. 


  • FOOD COMBINING TIP Body Ecology friendly grains like millet, amaranth, quinoa, teff, while they are a starch food, they also have a high protein component and so someone with a strong digestive fire can combine them comfortably with other protein foods.


  • UNIQUENESS Every human being has their own unique combination of beneficial bacteria and microbes – no two people are alike


  • ESTROGEN FEEDS CANDIDA Estrogens in birth control pills are 100x stronger than a bio- identical hormone supplement.  Excess estrogen feeds yeast and even bio-identical hormones will feed yeast infections like candida albicans.  Candida overgrowth flares in pregnant women due to the excess estrogen present.   It is important to first reduce yeast infections in the body through diet before supplementing with bio-identical hormones as hormone balance can change dramatically once your diet is sorted – plus you don’t want your supplemented hormones to be adding to the yeast issue. 


  • WINTER HEALING Winter is the time for healing kidney, bladder and adrenals.  In winter we can take in more fats and in summer we sweat them out.


  • THE IMPORTANCE OF TAURINE Taurine, an amino sulfonic acid, is an important supplement for anyone dealing with candidiasis.  When candidiasis is present, cells will push Taurine out where it is then excreted through urine.  The brain, skeletal structure and heart need Taurine and lack of it can contribute to fatigue, loss of muscle and loss of brain function.  Taurine is also important for reversing alcohol addictions.  Being a constituent of bile, Taurine helps stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid which is crucial for effective digestion of protein and the absorption of calcium. Taurine and iodine together act as an anti- radiation barrier.  Taurine is produced by our bodies under healthy conditions but is significantly lower in vegans.  Studies have shown that vegans often become deficient in nutrients relating to heart health which contributes to a shorter life span... something to be aware of.



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Health Tips from The Body Ecology Practitioner Training Brisbane

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