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How to make Coconut Kefir
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How to make Coconut Kefir
How to make Coconut Kefir
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Coconut kefir is an amazingly healing probiotic drink having many desirable side affects:

  • it stops sugar cravings,
  • it aids digestion of all foods,
  • it has a tonifying affect on the intestines,
  • It supplies the intestinal tract with an abundance of healthy intestinal flora
  • Combats candida overgrowth
  • it cleanses the liver,
  • it contains high levels of valuable minerals including potassium, natural sodium, calcium and magnesium.
  • It increases energy and gives you an overall feeling of good health.!


Coconut kefir fits right into a candida and sugar free diet, better than its dairy variant  


Ingredients - 1 satchet of Body Ecology Kefir starter will ferment 1 litre of coconut water or about 3 coconuts. (optional - Ecobloom)

  • Begin with room temp coconuts and Body Ecology Kefir starter pack.  Try not to use coconuts straight out of the fridge as this will slow the bacteria growth down substantially and then these ferment times will not apply. (Plus highly recommend using Ecobloom - see Hint below) (If the coconuts are cold or room temperature is cool then just place the coconut water into a saucepan and heat very briefly to get it to a temperature where it is warm when you stick your finger in.)
  • Open 3 coconuts and pour the water into a glass pitcher or container where you will be able to stir the water.  Make sure that the coconut water is clear and not pink or brown.
  • Add the kefir starter and lightly stir in order to completely mix the kefir starter with the coconut water - a hand whisk does a great job
  • Pour that liquid into a standard one litre jar that has a lid.
  • Sit the lid loosely on the jar and let it sit in a warm place for 24-36 hrs.  It pays to check the jar a couple of times along the way to make sure that there is not too much of a build up of gasses that could blow the lid off.  The first batch usually takes around 36 hours and subsequent batches using the 1/4 cup of liquid will take around 24 hours.
  • Once it has finished fermenting, the kefir jar can then be placed into the fridge with the lid on and will keep for several days or up to a week getting stronger each days as the bacteria will continue to multiply but at a much reduced rate.
  • To make your next batch take about ¼ cup of kefir and add it again to fresh coconut water from 3 more coconuts.
  • Sit the lid loosely on the jar and let sit for another 24 hours approximately.
  • Refrigerate once ready and repeat the process to make more coconut kefir.


When the coconut water ferments it becomes a bit cloudy and bubbly and tastes a little like champagne, you may sense that it smells like bread or beer and that’s fine.


IMPORTANT: You cannot tell if the Kefir is ready just by looking at it.  You need to take the jar out of the cupboard, stir it with a wooden utensil or silicon whisk and if you see lots of bubbles coming to the surface then it will mean fermentation is well under way. It becomes effervescent on the surface when it is stirred and this is caused by all of the bacteria and looks kind of like a fizzy drink when you stir it or like a disprin dissolving in water.


I also sip on mine to check for how bubbly or sour it is and make a decision about leaving it to ferment further or to now place it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation and to start drinking it.

Tops can pop off if the lids are screwed down too tight.  Every batch won’t ferment at the same pace.  A lot of bubbling could mean fermentation is completed and you can take a drink.  Each jar of kefir can ferment about six more jars. So you will want to leave about a ¼ cup of the fermented juice  in each jar to start the next batch.


Why only re-use kefir water for 7 batches? The reason that it is recommended to only do up to around 7 times in total is that the mix of strains in the Kefir culture powder will start to change its balance since some of them are stronger than others and will want to dominate.  To keep a healthy balance therefore, it pays to use a new satchet after the 7th batch.


Detox. No need to go too fast when embarking on your fermentation journey.  The coconut kefir can be  very detoxing. The detox will be amazing if you support it with colon therapy, skin brushing, spa baths, energetic and emotional reinforcement as well as good old fashioned sleep.

Reactions to probiotic foods like kefir are really quite varied from one person to the other.  In children for example, some can  get hyper for a while  while others may disconnect. It’s generally a sign that the body is pushing out the old.  More than anything the body really wants to heal.


HINT: Ecobloom by Body Ecology is a product that is like a superfood for Bacteria.  It feeds them and helps to increase fermentation rates and bacteria population in a big way while not feeding unhealthy bacteria.  It also helps to guarantee a successful ferment especially with the coconut yogurt where there is no sugar in the flesh to feed the bacteria. We have been very impressed with the difference it makes to the final product.

  • - COCONUT YOGURT The coconut meat can also be fermented with about a tablespoon of Kefir and a scoop of  Ecobloom to provide the food for the bacteria . This takes about 8 hours. You can do it overnight and wake up to a yummy raw yogurt in the morning!  It pays to not ferment longer than 8 -10 hours since there is no sugar in the flesh to feed the bacteria which means fermentation is over with relatively quickly compared to fermenting the coconut water.
  • - COCONUT CREAM KEFIR - or alternatively, blend both the flesh and the water together in the blender and add the kefir starter or some of previous kefir ferment and ferment this combination for a tasty creamy drink – this ferment will be around the 24 hours - 36 hours.  I use 2 whole coconuts with both flesh and water to 1 satchet of the Body Ecology Kefir starter or you can use 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of coconut kefir.
  • - Drink about ½ cup of coconut water kefir at every meal and once before you go to bed for optimal results!

See other recipes on the site for more ideas on how to use your fermented baby coconut kefir.

Pineapple Coconut Cream Kefir Smoothie.

Coconut Cream Kefir Smoothie for Athletes

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Coconut kefir is an amazingly healing probiotic drink having many 
desirable side affects. Coconut kefir fits right into a candida and 
sugar free diet, better than its dairy variant.
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How to make Coconut Kefir

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