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 Important Things You Should Know About Fats and Oils
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 Important Things You Should Know About Fats and Oils
Important Things You Should Know About Fats and Oils
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Important Things You Should Know About Fats and Oils


Fats are a necessary requirement for the balanced maintenance of the functions and activities of the body.  During the cold months of winter fats are the choice of nature to provide us with our most efficient source of energy. 


The fruits that are plentiful in summer and that provide us with our most abundant source of energy are no longer easy to find while nuts and seeds are readily available.  The adrenals receive their most rest over the long dark winter months and both the adrenals and thyroid love healthy fats and minerals to nourish and rebuild them.  The fats also carry the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K that are so important for bone and dental health. 


Fats furnish 125% more energy than either carbohydrates (sugars) or we need to keep ourselves internally heated during the cold months.


When deciding on the diet you would like to implement in your life and if you are looking at a high raw diet then fats and oils are definitely foods that you want to be using raw and as close to their natural state and source as possible.


In order to assimilate fats our digestive processes require them to be emulsified.  Overheated fats cannot be emulsified by our systems with the resulting loss of the nutritional value of the food and a clogging up of the colon by indigestible fats ejected there from the small intestine.   The exceptions to this rule are ghee and coconut oil which are the recommended fats for cooking with as both have a very high flash point followed by olive oil to a much lesser degree. 



 Nuts and seeds contain natural antioxidants that protect the oils in them from rancidity and spoilage. Unfortunately, most of these natural antioxidants are destroyed in commercial processing and refining of oils.  Flaxseed oil turns rancid faster than any other vegetable oil and it can turn rancid in a matter of hours.  In Eastern Europe flaxseed oil used to be pressed fresh each night and sold every morning by a vendor from his horse drawn buggy.  The ultimate is to eat nuts straight from the shell when they are at their freshest.


Pili nuts and inchi seeds are examples of nuts and seeds very high in natural fats/oils that, once roasted can actually become toxic to the body as it is no longer able to process them.  Omega Oils are also highly fragile and become unavailable once you have roasted your nuts or seeds.  Where it is possible, buying your nuts and seeds sprouted (to remove the enzyme inhibitor) and low temperature dried guarantees a greater chance of increasing and obtaining all the nutrients available from that food while prolonging its shelf life.


Sealed Packs It is also highly recommended to purchase your nuts and seeds in sealed retail packs which also help to reduce the rate of oxidation and rancidity.  Bulk bins could also end up with older product being mixed through newer stocks as the bins are topped up.



“During the oxidation process harmful chemical substances are produced in foods.  These substances irritate the delicate linings of the stomach and intestines.  Prolonged use of rancid oils or foods can, under some conditions, have a carcinogenic effect  ….they may cause cancer by the virtue of being strong chemical irritants”  

Dr. H Anemueller – German scientist and foremost authority on rancidity and perishability of natural foods.


  • The body and specifically pancreatic enzymes cannot digest or assimilate rancid oils
  • Animal studies show that the products of oxidation in flaxseed oils are lethal to rats.
  • Eating rancid oils or rancid foods causes destruction of vitamins E, A and F stored in the body or supplied by other foods
  • Rancid oils can irritate the stomach and bowel lings and cause acute and chronic disorders
  • Rancid oils can cause Cancer.  Studies at the University of Pennsylvania found the every rat fed a sample of rancid wheat germ oil developed malignant tumours. Wheat germ keep fresh a maximum of one week after processing while even after 3 days it will start to taste rancid.
  • Flaxseed oil is known to become rancid just a few hours after it is pressed.
  • Freshly ground flaxseed meal, sunflower seed meal or sesame seed meal keep fresh only a few days.  After one week they are rancid to the point of being harmful.



It is also important to keep in mind the nutritional difference between fats and oils which bring different benefits to the body and I would like to illustrate it with this historical reference.


In WW1 a Russian General recorded in his log that, 3 months after his troops exhausted the raw butter supply and resorted to consuming olive oil, the men’s hair, nails and skin dried.  The log stated that several weeks after they were able to obtain raw dairy again, the men’s hair, nails and skin became supple and moist.


When talking about healthy fats we are meaning fats like

  • Raw butter
  • Ghee
  • Raw egg yolks
  • Coconut Oil

UNDERSTANDING YOUR FATS AND OILS.  This is an important and vast area of nutrition to understand in order to nourish your body at a deep cellular level and it has also been one of the most misunderstood food groups in modern society leading to severe nutritional deficiencies in western civilisations.  

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Fats are a necessary requirement for the balanced maintenance of the functions and activities of the body.  During the cold months of winter fats are the choice of nature to provide us with our most efficient source of energy.
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 Important Things You Should Know About Fats and Oils

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