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Part 1 - Is Added Salt Really Necessary And What about for Raw Foodists?
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Part 1 - Is Added Salt Really Necessary And What about for Raw Foodists?
Part 1 - Is Added Salt Really Necessary And What about for Raw Foodists?
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The debate over adding salt to food was alive and kicking at the Creative Health Institute when we worked there.


So strong were the feelings and arguments over it that there were even fully organised meetings and a team set up to look seriously into salt and alter the meals accordingly by making them saltless.  My head could hear the discussions going back and forth and yet my experience had given me clear evidence as to the verdict for myself.


My upbringing had occurred when the whole salt debate was started and of course, over the years this debate intensified and 'low sodium' and 'salt free' became the catch words that influenced your dietary decisions.  I certainly bought into them and made sure to keep my intake low and to never have salt in the house.  Into my thirties and early forties I was experiencing niggling health issues like low blood pressure and hypoglycemia that seemed to be worsening, requiring me to eat every so many hours.   Chronic fatigue rounded everything else off nicely and forced me to take time out to seriously rest and detox.


On that journey back to health I happened to pick up a pamphlet in the health store regarding a new salt called Celtic Salt.  I read the list of symptoms associated with lack of salt in the diet and my interest grew to a point that required action.  I threw caution to the wind and decided to 'give it a go' since nothing else seemed to quite sort the problems.  Well, that was 10 years ago and since that time,  overnight, the hypoglycemia and other blood pressure disappeared to never can't argue with results.  That became my benchmark for whether or not salt was beneficial for my body.


So for those of you who still crave potato crisps while on a raw food diet or are still confused as to the place of salt in your diet,  here are the facts and clinical trials from specialists and researchers who have, over a many decades, studied salt as a food and resolved  the misinformation and misunderstandings around its place in our diet.

'Salt is the single element required for the proper breakdown of plant carbohydrates into usable and assimilable human food.  Only when salt is added to fruits and vegetables can saliva and gastric secretions readily break down the fibrous store of even lower level of sodium chloride exists in cultivated (conventional) vegetables and fruis, so that humans who rely solely on unsalted vegetarian fare are required to munch all day long on substantial amounts of greens and drink gallons of juice to make up for the lack of sodium that is a must for metabolic function.

In actuality, because fruits and vegetable are near salt-free, such a raw, vegetarian diet lacking salt will create an anemic condition and other salt-starvation diseases.  This often triggers strong cravings for salted snack foods or even for raw meat'  Seasalt's Hidden Powers by Jacques de Langre, Ph.D.


Salt is one of the oldest and most natural of all foods known to man and yet it has also gone down the path of having been one of the most nutrient dense foods known to man containing 92 essential minerals to now becoming nutrient poor and toxic to the human body as a refined, adulterated  version of itself possessing only 2 elements .


If the classification for superfood is one  of a food that is rich in health giving properties that goes beyond basic nutrition to promote superior health in some way, then surely salt must be one of these.  And I would go so far as to say that salt may be one of the few foods that would come under a new category that I would call 'Essential Superfoods'.

Salt is the one element of transmutation in all of Nature's substances that enables man to walk erect, gain intelligence, and remain totally free. Jacques de Langre, Ph.D.

Harvesting Celtic Salt
  • Rapidly drains sodium out
  • Keeps kidneys at peak function
  • Prevents the formation of kidney stones and dissolves those already formed
  • Promotes flexibility in the joints
  • Salt is also required to emulsify fats and oils in order to for them to be digestible
  • Supplies organic iodine to the entire glandular network (Neutralises fallout radiation exposure)
  • Flower of the Ocean Salt supports the natural intuitive nature in women
  • Restores good digestion and metabolic function
  • Corrects excess acidity
  • relieves allergies and skin diseases
  • Prevents many forms of cancers (Jacque de Langre 'Sea Salt's Hidden Powers)
  • Boosts cellular energy
  • Heightened resistance to infections and bacterial diseases.
  • Bone fracture mending
  • Restores chronic organic malfunctions
  • Corrects aberrant mental conditions
  • Reduces cravings for sugar and alcohol

'The advantages to body and spirit that comes from taking and using naturally-harvested salt are impressive: from serene disposition, mental acuity and freedom from stress to improved physical well being, libido and endurance'. (Seasalt's Hidden Powers)


The Belgian historian Henri Pirenne documented the effects of the Salt Famine in Europe that lasted 500 years during the Middle Ages .  The average daily ration fell to less than 2 grams per person and caused many to die from dehydration and madness. Mined salt from the depths of the earth was substituted, but the lack of live and balanced trace elements in rock salt lowered the mental equilibrium and intellect level almost as much as the sheer absence of salt.


Jacques Langre describes a simple experiment where living organisms such as brine shrimps which are commonly used in labs to detect the presence of toxins, will not survive in refined or mine salt solutionsPickles will also ferment poorly in the same refined or mined salts.


In another scenario the late French scientist, Dr. Alexis Carrel, kept a chicken heart alive for over 27 years by keeping the pulsating heart in a solution of sea salt.  Dr. Carrel voluntarily ended the experiment after a third of a century, having proven that living cells can have physical immortality. "Ye Are the Salt of the Earth"


Biologist Jacques Loeb, M.D. of University of California demonstrated how marine organisms who live very happily and thrive in a salt water environment were poisoned by a refined salt solution at the same concentration as salt exists in sea water.  Loeb concluded that the toxicity of the sodium chloride caused the poisoning rather than the lack of the other 90 minerals since the organisms were able to live in distilled water.


Dr. Jacques de Langre, Ph.D., who wrote the book Seasalt's Hidden Powers, states that naturally and properly sunshine-preserved sea salt is the difference between life and death, health and illness, social sanity and planetary panic and its elements are vital for proper body functions - that natural hand-harvested Celtic ocean salt will help to maintain life, neutralizes toxins and detrimental bacteria, and enhances all your organic function.


Even within Celtic Salt there are different forms of it that are more beneficial than others plus other hand harvested sea salts that have become available in recent times and so next week we will look at how to use and store your handharvested, sun dried, nutrient dense salt and which ones are of the highest benefit in an article entitled ' How Do You Store and Use Salt as a Healing, Nutritive Food?.' along with a healing food salt recipe known as Gomasio.

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Salt as a food has attracted much debate over the last 80 years - but none before that.
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Part 1 - Is Added Salt Really Necessary And What about for Raw Foodists?

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