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Portuguese Flor De Sal 224gms Fine Ground Salt
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Portuguese Flor De Sal 224gms Fine Ground Salt
Portuguese Flor De Sal 224gms Fine Ground Salt
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Fleur de Sel, known in Portugal as Flor de Sal, is hand-harvested, in the Algarve region of Portugal.


Harvesting.  During the harvest process, the first layer produces the finest and most mineral-rich crystals, to ultimately be used, not during the cooking process, but to season dishes prior to serving. 


In days gone by, Portuguese salt workers referred to Flor de Sal as "salt cream," as it was (and is still) collected from the salt pan (salina) surface as cream is from the milk). The second (called Gray Salt) and subsequent layers are coarser and less pure in flavor and color. These subsequent layers, however, still produce hand-harvested sea salt


How to Use.  Flor de Sal is used to greatest effect with simple dishes and foods that will accentuate its unique sweet and creamy flavor.

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Portuguese Flor De Sal 224gms Fine Ground Salt

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