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RECIPE Raw Asian Creamy Kelp Noodles
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RECIPE Raw Asian Creamy Kelp Noodles
RECIPE Raw Asian Creamy Kelp Noodles
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Raw Asian Creamy Kelp Noodles


Recipe courtesy of Kimberly Snyder, C.N., author of The Beauty Detox Foods



(use organic)

2 packages raw kelp noodles, 24 ounces

¼ cup water

1 Tablespoon miso paste

1½ Tablespoons sesame oil

1½ cups + 1/3 cup unroasted (raw) cashews, divided

½ teaspoon high-quality sea salt

1 cup chopped scallions, white part only

1¼ cups diced tomato

1¼ cups sliced red cabbage

fresh cilantro, for garnish

1 lime, quartered, for garnish



Rinse the kelp noodles well in a colander. Place in a large mixing bowl and set aside. In a blender, process the water, miso paste, sesame oil, 1½ cups of the raw cashews, and sea salt until thoroughly combined.


Pour over the kelp noodles and mix well. This is best done with clean hands, which helps to evenly saturate the noodles with the sauce.


Add the raw veggies. Mix well again with your hands, and divide equally among 4 plates.


Grind the last 1/3 cup of cashews in a food processor. Garnish each dish with a sprig of cilantro, a sprinkling of ground cashews and a quarter of a lime.


Serve at room temperature or warm very gently in a pot.

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Cashews, miso and sesame seed oil form the basis of this creamy sauce for spreading over the gluten free, raw kelp noodles.  Recipe courtesy of Kimberly Snyder, C.N., author of The Beauty Detox Foods
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RECIPE Raw Asian Creamy Kelp Noodles

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