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Refreshing Tropical Almond Yogurt and Coconut Kefir Drink
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Refreshing Tropical Almond Yogurt and Coconut Kefir Drink
Refreshing Tropical Almond Yogurt and Coconut Kefir Drink
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By Michele K La Chante



 ½ cup of Almond Yogurt

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Butter

3 fresh Medjool Dates (with seeds removed)

¼ teaspoon  vanilla powder

1 cup of Coconut Kefir



Roughly chop the Medjool dates and add to your blender along with the Coconut Butter and the almond Yogurt plus 1/3 cup of the Coconut kefir.  Blend on full until creamy and smooth.  Turn down low and add the remaining 2/3 cup of Coconut Kefir and only blend long enough to combine all of the ingredients.


Serve and drink immediately or chill in the fridge for an hour or more and serve up then. 


It is best to serve and drink this recipe soon after making or within 24 hours.  Remember that it is made using live, enzyme and beneficial bacteria rich ingredients and so the fermentation carries on after the making.  The balance of flavours changes over time and I have had this drink up to 48 hours after making when it has fermented further and I found it still delicious and very tangy.... so your choice.



Instead of the dates you could use Stevia or Lakanto or even Palm Sugar or Coconut Secrets raw, organic Coconut Nectar.  These are all low or zero glycemic options that would each still give you a delicious fermented, creamy beverage that is wonderfully refreshing and health giving.

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This refreshing and naturally bubbly drink uses Coconut Kefir 
combined with Almond Yogurt and Raw Coconut Butter for a light 
but creamy taste sensation.
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Refreshing Tropical Almond Yogurt and Coconut Kefir Drink

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