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Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) 118gms by Omica Organics
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Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) 118gms by Omica Organics
Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) 118gms by Omica Organics
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118 mls Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) by Omica Organics


PLEASE NOTE: This alcohol-free formulation has been created in response to customer demand and requires refrigeration once opened (unlike the Grape alcohol formulation which is stable at room temperature)

Omica Health's Super-Z-Lite Liquid is Activated, Carbon-bonded and Super-Charged!


Omica Super-Z-Lite Liquid contains the highest zeolite concentrations and the smallest micronized zeolite particles of any other liquid zeolite supplement on the market. Zeolites are a group of volcanic minerals that support a powerful, natural chelating process when taken orally, by allowing the release of harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body.


Formed eons ago by the interaction of volcanic lava with ocean waters, zeolites have a unique molecular structure resembling a honeycomb or "cage"-like design. The lattices of the zeolite cages hold a natural negative charge which attract and irreversibly bind positively-charged toxins and heavy metals on a cellular level in the body. The zeolite, with the bound toxins and heavy metals, is then safely excreted from the body.


Omica Super-Z-Lite Liquid distinguishes itself from other liquid zeolite products in several very significant ways: Particle Size, Concentration/Volume, Purity, Source, Formulation and Production Quality.


Key Benefits

  • Act as a powerful antioxidant and improve physical performance
  • Removal of pesticides, herbicides and dioxins from the body
  • Breakdown and disposal of heavy metals, toxins & viruses
  • Correct metabolic conditions and boost natural energy
  • Improve nutrient absorption and increase assimilation
  • Restore immune system and nourish healthy cells
  • Removal of radioactive substances from the body
  • Improve mental function and sustain better mood
  • Boost the body pH to a healthy alkalinity
  • Accelerate hangover recovery
  • Reduce allergic reactions


  • 72 trace minerals
  • Humic fulvic acid
  • Ocean and plant based minerals
  • Extract of Oregano - a strong antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibacterial
  • Extract of Lemon Palm - a strong antioxidant

High in magnesium and calcium minerals

  • Cleanses blood, lymph and tissues of:
  • heavy metals
  • acids
  • viral particles
  • free radicals
  • Increase energy in the body
  • Crosses blood/brain barrier in 15 seconds
  • No binders or synthetics
  • Made up of the highest concentration of Zeolite
  • Raises body pH
  • High mineral delivery, high mineral content
  • Chelator of blood stream and body fluids
  • No preservatives


Super Z-Lite liquid will penetrate the blood/brain barrier within 15 seconds of ingestion (under tongue), delivering an immediate energy boost and increases oxygen levels within the body.


Serving size:  21 drops (3 droppers/pumps)


Servings per container: 56

Directions: 21 drops (3 droppers/pumps in water) dispersed throughout the day. Shake well before using. No refrigeration necessary.


Ingredients: SuperZLite Proprietary Blend: Purified Water, Micronized Zeolite (Clinoptilolite), Ancient Ocean-Derived Liquid Magnesium Chloride, Fulvic Minerals,  Bioflavonoid Complex.


WHY TAKE ZEOLITES? Everyone these days is full of toxins and most adults are also in a state of acidosis. Omica Health's Super Z-Lite's unique formulation of minerals, especially the zeolite cages, will have an effect on acidic cellular pH level where disease is present. Omica Health has conducted years of studies that show their Super Z-Lite products increase oxygen levels and neutralizes residual harmful acids and accelerate the breakdown and disposal of heavy metals, toxins and drug residues. This proprietary mineral formula has been shown in many independent tests to enhance the effectiveness of the zeolite cages within the body. Furthermore, Super Z-Lite also has the herbal ingredients oregano and lemon balm extracts which also play a role in their products superior detox effect. This combination of minerals and herbal extracts creates a strong synergy which balances the different ingredients and creates a condition which allows the Zeolite to reach a high maximum benefit on a cellular level. This combination of ingredients is also super bio-available for the body to absorb and utilize.

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Super Z Lite - Zeolite Liquid (Alcohol Free) 118gms by Omica Organics

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