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Tart Lemony Parfait with Whipped Cream
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Tart Lemony Parfait with Whipped Cream
Tart Lemony Parfait with Whipped Cream
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Tart Lemony Parfait with Whipped Cream

(Serves 6)

This is a Body Ecology friendly recipe using Lakanto to give a zero glycemic dessert.  This is a very rich dessert and you only need small servings to appreciate it.





  1. In saucepan combine eggs and Lakanto and beat together with electric beater.  DO NOT HEAT YET 
  2. Beat lemon juice into egg/Lakanto mixture.    
  3. In second saucepan bring water to a boil and add agar flakes and sea salt. Stir to dissolve and let simmer for ten minutes. Remove from heat but keep warm. 
  4. Move saucepan with egg/Lakanto/lemon juice mixture to cook top and bring to a simmer over low heat.
  5. Stirring constantly melt the butter pieces by dropping them into this mixture   
  6. When melted, remove from heat and add lemon rind and stevia liquid concentrate. 
  7. Slowly pour warm agar mixture into egg/Lakanto/lemon juice/lemon rind/stevia mixing well. 
  8. Pour mixture into parfait glasses and let cool in refrigerator. 

Before serving top with Lakanto or stevia- sweetened whipped cream...but only if your body is fine with dairy. Cream has casein.

NOTE: This recipe can be used as a filling to make a lemon meringue pie. For better food combining we suggest a soaked and raw nut crust for the crust and an egg white meringue. 

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This tangy dessert uses zero glycemic, zero calorie Lakanto sweetener for a Body Ecology friendly sweet treat.  It is the kind of dessert that you can prepare the day before and chill over night in the fridge for a firm texture.
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Tart Lemony Parfait with Whipped Cream

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