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Winter Smoothie Recipie
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Winter Smoothie Recipie
Winter Smoothie Recipie
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For smoothies to continue to work for you both on a health level and a taste level they need to be seasonally appropriate.  At this time of year when we are heading into the colder months of the year Nature is producing fats for us to use.  Fats and minerals nourish the adrenals which are heading into the most important time of year for their revitalisation.  Daylight hours are shorter encouraging us to settle in and rest more.  We all feel like hibernating and the adrenals will love you for following this inclination.


This is one of the ‘winter’ smoothies that we make that satisfies our natural cravings for minerals, fats and greens.  Fruit is at an absolute minimum in nature and stevia does a great job at bringing a wonderfully healthy balance of flavours to the smoothie while keeping it low glycemic.


WINTER SMOOTHIE by Michele K La Chante

Into a Vitamix Blender or equally efficient blender of your choice add the following.

1 cup of Green Juice (see recipe below)

2 scoops of Body Ecology Vitality Supergreens powder

4 or more Tablespoons of Artisana 100% Organic, Raw, Whole Flesh Coconut Butter

1 heaped tspn of Healthforce Nutritionals powdered GMO free lecithin.

1 heaped tspn of Omega Sprouted Powder by Navitas

½ tspn of Pacific Harvest Air Dried Kelp Powder

8 drops of Sweetleaf Berry Stevia

Blend at full speed til creamy and well mixed with a lovely light froth on the top.  Drink and be prepared to be surprised.  Even those who have gone off smoothies will find their interest and tastebuds reawakened!


Hint: If you are not wanting to make the green juice, you can try substituting with water and 1 organic dried fig (soaked overnight).  The fig adds minerals and is an alkaline fruit plus gives a little of the sweetness needed for the stevia to pick up on and amplify.


Green Juice Formula

Ross and I have learnt to make our juices in the Vitamix Blender using a Large Nut Mylk bag for straining it.  I have found that this is the most efficient and time saving way to do it especially since I have never found any juicer that juiced leaves well or extracted any reasonable quantity of juice from them.

Ingredients & method for a whole blender full.

  • Fill blender with celery and cucumber
  • Add 1 apple – preferably green but other varieties if in season and choose the least sweet.
  • Fill blender 1/3 full of water with the above ingredients already in it and blend to a pulp
  • Put in a couple of handfuls of ‘in season’ salad greens, microgreens, herbs or wild edibles and blend again.
  • Strain through a nutmylk bag
  • Pour juice into glass jars, filling right up to the rim to eliminate all oxygen and screw lid on tightly.
  • Place jars in fridge and take out as you need.  They will keep like this and retain nutrients and colour for up to 3 days.

You now have a ready supply of green juice bases to use to make up your own personalised smoothie mixes depending upon what you feel like eating at the time of grabbing one out of the fridge.  You may just want to drink it as a juice and you can sweeten it up if needed by choosing the zero glycemic, zero calorie option of stevia drops which work beautifully in this case.

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For smoothies to continue to work for you both on a health level 
and a taste level they need to be seasonally …
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Winter Smoothie Recipie

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