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CABBAGE REJUVELAC - a lactobacteria rich fermented beverage
CABBAGE REJUVELAC - a lactobacteria rich fermented beverage
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Here is another option for anyone who is experiencing weak digestive function and wants a fermented beverage that is easy to digest and is savoury.  As an alternative to coconut kefir this beverage offers great benefits whilst being quick and economical to make and enjoy. 


The Body Ecology Kefir Starter supports a healthy gut by supplying a different mix of beneficial bacteria and yeasts to that of the cabbage rejuvelac and this combination has been formulated to the same ratio as bacteria and yeast in a healthy gut and therefore, healthy immune system.



The value of this rejuvelac and its beneficial bacteria population should not be confused with that of freeze-dried acidophilus.  Rejuvelac contains live lactobacteria that are constantly multiplying while probiotic supplements contain dormant bacteria that will eventually die off.






Cabbage rejuvelac is another good way to re-populate your gut with probiotics. 


Cabbage is a vegetable that is teeming with lactobacteria. No starter is needed for making this rejuvelac.


A 1999 study published in the Lancet found that consumption of lacto-fermented vegetables was positively associated with low rates of asthma, skin problems and autoimmune disorders in Swedish children attending a Wadorf school.  Cabbage is a vegetable that lends itself well to lacto-fermentation. It is teeming with lacto bacillus bacteria.


Cabbage is also a very good source of a strain of Lactobacillus plantarum, a beneficial bacteria that can withstand antibiotic treatment 


 Here's how to make cabbage rejuvelac (IMPORTANT - use organic cabbage only)


  • Start one morning by blending together 1 cup distilled or purified water plus 3 cups of coarsely chopped, loosely packed fresh organic cabbage.
  • Start the blender at low speed and then advance the blender to high speed and blend for15 more seconds.    Do not blend it too much. If the cabbage is too fine it will create a strong tasting rejuvelac. 
  • Pour the mixture into a wide-mouthed jar allowing a minimum of 1 inch of space above the mixture.
  • Cover with a mesh top or something similar to allow the wild ferment to take place and position in a warm spot
  • After 3 days strain off the liquid rejuvelac. This initial batch tastes very strong and succeeding batches have a much more palatable flavour.


The initial batch of cabbage rejuvelac takes 3 days to mature, but succeeding batches take 24 hours each.


  • Each morning after straining off the fresh rejuvelac, blend together 1-1/2 cups of distilled or purified water plus 3 cups of coarsely ground, loosely packed fresh cabbage, for 15 seconds at high speed.
  • Pour it into a jar and mix in 1/4 cup of the fresh rejuvelac just strained off, cover, and let it stand at room temperature until the next morning.


Cabbage rejuvelac can also be made without using a blender. Just chop the cabbage very fine and squeeze or massage with your hands to break it down a bit. Use 2-1/2 cups replacing the 3 cups in the recipe above with the same amount of water.


Guidelines for quality and storage:


  • Good quality cabbage rejuvelac tastes similar to a cross between carbonated water and the whey obtained when making yogurt. Bad quality rejuvelac has a much more putrid odour and taste and should not be consumed.
  • Use organically grown cabbages only.
  • Avoid using tap water because chlorine will interfere with the production of the bacteria.
  • Refrigerate cabbage rejuvelac if it is to be kept overnight.
  • Discard any rejuvelac on hand 24 hours after it is poured off the cabbage.
  • To repopulate the intestinal tract with a healthy level of lactobacteria, take rejuvelac for 1 to 3 months.


 Taking Cabbage Rejuvelac - Drink each day’s rejuvelac during the course of the day by taking 1/2 cup three times per day, preferably with meals.  I always drink my fermented liquid with my supplements every day as I know that this will help them to be digested and absorbed.  I also found that I quickly got into a daily rhythm with this rejuvelac since it is so easy to make and I really enjoyed the savoury taste.  I also find that I tend to favour the cabbage rejuvelac over winter and then switch to the Coconut Kefir through the warmer months.









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