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What is Nascent Iodine and why do I need it?
What is Nascent Iodine and why do I need it?
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What is Nascent Iodine and why do I need it?

Detoxadine® nascent atomic iodine is intended for human and animal use as a daily, dietary supplement.  Being an essential mineral for thyroid health, immunity and metabolic well-being, atomic iodine is also an important part of sound cardiovascular, liver, bone and CNS health.  Detoxadine is alcohol free.


Detoxadine® is Global Healing Center's brand of standardized nano-colloidal nascent iodine. It is manufactured with a unique transformative bio-elemental matrix using a revolutionary process to make it gentler on your digestive system than other iodine supplements and will not sting or burn when used externally.




The Top 5 Reasons You Need Nascent Iodine

  1. Iodine is an essential mineral that supports thyroid health, the immune system, the central nervous system, and metabolic well-being.
  2. Nascent iodine is pure iodine that is absorbed and utilized easier and better than other forms of iodine.
  3. Nascent iodine can help correct and balance iodine deficiency.
  4. Nascent iodine supports healthy hormone levels.
  5. Nascent iodine improves insulin sensitivity and helps regulate blood sugar.

What are the Health Benefits of Nascent Iodine?

Proper levels of iodine within the body are a major supportive factor against immune problems, effects of environmental and dietary toxins, and rising levels of toxic radiation exposure.

  • Helps improve digestion, transit time, and bowel function
  • Supports thyroid health
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial
  • May improve thinking and reduce "brain fog"
  • Improves breast milk production and quality
  • May help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Supports the immune system
  • Detoxifies toxic halogens like mercury, bromides, fluoride, etc.
  • Reduces harmful effects of radiation exposure
  • Helps balance iodine levels in autistic children




What Global Healing customers are saying about Detoxadine®

"Very high quality! This is a very high quality product that is pure, natural (from the sea), tasteless in juice and odourless. I'm looking forward to the benefits." ~ Brian


"The Best form of Nascent Iodine! I just ordered another 2 bottles of Detoxadine, because the iodine trichloride in the cheaper brand just isn't doing as good a job for me and it's about the same price as Detoxadine. Clearly, nascent iodine is more bio-available than other forms." ~ Ursa Lee


"has improved greatly all of my symptoms" I wanted to thank you for your Detoxadine product. I have had a Hypothyroidism condition from early adolescences. My thyroid functioned low normal and my major symptoms were: enlargement (goiter), dry skin, sluggishness in thinking, forgetful, fatigue but inability to rest well at night, and high blood cholesterol, weight gain, and at time depression. Doctor's had me try Synthroid and Iodine products but they seemed to create symptoms of aggression and uneasiness in me. I opted not to have my thyroid removed and from the mid 1972 through to the 2010 I have tried to benefit my health concerns with Chiropractic, diet and many health products over the years. Detoxadine has been the most impactful and has improved greatly all of my symptoms. I have only taken it for a short time and look forward to further improvement in the future.”   Sally, Las Vegas, NV


“Thyroid booster” ‘This product seems to give me more energy. I feel more like I did before I became hypothyroid. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now. I don't feel as sluggish.’   Tami Maria

 How does nascent iodine impact the thyroid?

Transformed elemental nascent atomic iodine is more efficiently utilized in the body than an iodine/iodide mix. In this transformative nano-colloidal state, Detoxadine® can safely be converted into carrier iodines unique to your body. Each iodine carrying-mineral complex carries iodine molecule and enriches tissue.

For the thyroid, there is a very quick series of sequences in which the iodine in the mineral carrier complex is converted back to mono-elemental iodine and then immediately recombined, as an essential mineral element, with special protein configurations to form the thyroid hormones T-3 and T4. This means the body can more effectively use this supplemental nascent atomic iodine for all its essential functions.




Recommended Dosage 


3 drops (2,694mcg elemental iodine per dose) a day. 100 applications per bottle.



USP-Grade Kosher certified vegetable glycerin
Purified water [pH balanced]
Nascent iodine from USP resublimated iodine (sea source)

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