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Liver/Gallbladder Detox Hints and Tips
Liver/Gallbladder Detox Hints and Tips
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This article is written based upon my experience over the last 20 odd years of liver cleansing.  It contains hints and tips that I have found helpful during the many different types of detoxes that I have done and I am passing it on to the reader to help support and benefit them during their liver/gallbladder detox.  Where I have used the word flush in the following article, this applies to the evening when the olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture is taken that purges the stones from the liver/gallbladder. 



I have tried many different versions of the Liver/Gallbladder cleanse including the 3 day apple liver cleanse by Hannah Kroeger, then a cleanse which required eating a huge bowl of fruit salad and whipped cream(loved that one but the results not so great), another one drinking a whole 16oz bottle of olive oil over a two hour period etc. 

We  stock a beautiful book called The Green Body Cleanse by Dr. Edward Group III which includes instructions for cleansing, including Oxygen Colon Cleansing, Liver Gallbladder Cleansing, Harmful Organism Cleansing and Heavy Metal Cleansing. 



It is very important to carry out a parasite cleanse (eg Scram, Paratrex, EcoClear before attempting a liver flush as the presence of parasites can make you feel nauseous or even cause you to throw up during the flush.  It also reduces the number of stones that you will flush.  An effective parasite cleanse needs to last for a minimum of 5 weeks or 2 cycles of a full moon.  It is recommended to carry out a parasite cleanse once a year so just before the Spring and your liver/gallbladder cleansing time would be the perfect time to do it. The parasite cleanse will need to stop at least one day before the flush.


Kidney cleanse (eg Renaltrex) before and after a liver detox is also highly recommended and make sure to stop any kidney cleanse at least one day before the day of the flush.  Keeping the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract in top working condition is paramount so that they can do their job removing any undesirable substances incidentally absorbed from the intestine as the bile is being excreted.  This will speed up your healing and recovery after the flush is complete.


Likewise, keeping on top of your colon cleansing (eg Oxy Powder, enema bucket) leading up to the liver flush and following it will do the same for the bowel.  You do not want any toxic matter flushed out to get caught up in the colon or to be stuck there for some time after the detox process is complete.  Oxy powder by Global Healing outlines a 7 day colon cleansing protocol that is worth following before the flush.  It will also help to carry out any parasites that have been killed off with the parasite cleanse before the day of the flush.



Reducing fat intake for the 6 days or week before the liver flush culminating in no fat on the day of the flush means that bile builds up which allows the pressure to build and higher pressure pushes out more stones.  Both fat and protein trigger the gallbladder to squeeze itself empty so cutting out protein on the day of the flush also allows the pressure to build.


Avoid cold or chilled food in the week leading up to the flush since these foods affect liver function, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the flush.


Always pick a day to flush that allows you to have a rest day the next day.  The liver will keep flushing stones right up until the next night.



To cleanse well the body needs energy so must make sure to get plenty of sleep and rest in the week before the flush.  If you are physically tired then you will end up disappointed with the flush to the point that you may not flush any stones at all so you are better to postpone it until you have more internal energy available to you.


APPLE JUICE OPTIONS  If you know that you have a yeast infection in your body or any form of gut dysbiosis like candida albicans or if you have diabetes, hypoglycaemia, cancer or stomach ulcers then please do not use the apple juice as part of the build up to the flush.  It will only exacerbate your problem and negate the benefits of the flush. 


Apples are so effective because they contain malic acid which helps dissolve any stagnant bile and softens stones so that they slip out far more easily.  Granny Smith apples have the highest malic acid content so they would be my choice for a juice for liver/gallbladder detoxing if you can have the apple juice and I prefer the apple juice as the optimum choice if someone can handle it.


However, for those of you who cannot take the apple juice, you can also use just straight food grade malic acid (not mixed with magnesium or other ingredients) and it is both highly effective and available over the internet from any brewing shop.  I have purchased off a New Zealand one myself so it is freely available.



Each time, after drinking the apple juice or malic acid during the course of the day, be sure to rinse your mouth and teeth with a small mouthful of fresh water since the malic acid is hard on your teeth enamel.  I have the 1 litre of water with malic acid sitting on my desk next to the bottle of clean drinking water and I always follow the malic acid with a swirl around my mouth of fresh water.


EPSOM SALTSPink Grapefruit are the best to use

When clearing the bowel with Epsom salts before a liver/gallbladder flush, if you find the taste hard to take then try drinking it through a large straw.  You can purchase the large glass straws online in New Zealand.  You can also use the large glass straw to drink the olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture (pink grapefruit are best).



Over winter our adrenals take time to heal and rest and for that to happen we need to give them healthy fats and minerals.  Then Spring time comes around and the lemons glow golden on their trees drawing us to them and letting us know that it is now Liver cleansing time.


While you can do the liver cleanse any time of the month, try and avoid the day of full moon as the body holds more fluids in the brain and tissues on this day.  The days that will support the cleanse the most are from the day after the full moon through til the day of the new moon which is the most conducive day of all for cleansing.  The body releases easily during the period of the waning moon so it is the premium time for cleansing and weight loss while during the waxing moon our bodies want to take in and hold on to nutrients.



If you are someone who drank a lot of coffee or alcohol in your life or you have been required to take medications or drugs on a regular basis over the years including headache or pain medications then I would recommend you to start more slowly by taking a liver cleansing formulation and adjusting your diet to one that looks after your liver eg. The Body Ecology Diet.  By taking daily liver cleansing supplements (eg Livamend, Livatrex, Liver Rescue) you will start to reduce the toxic over load in your liver to one that won’t knock you around once you decide to implement an actual liver detox/flush.  I think that it is just as important to keep rotating the liver supplements to ensure that your body does not get used to the formulation and to ensure continued results.  This applies to all herbal supplements.


I have stayed at a health retreat that used to actively take guests through liver detoxes but as time went by, because the people coming to stay were becoming more and more toxic to the point where they were needing a nurse or similar there to get them through the detox reactions of a liver cleanse, the health retreat stopped offering this service.  So be kind to your body and go at a pace that is comfortable and nurturing.  If your liver is severely impacted then the supplements themselves will certainly be more than you can handle as they will start things moving of their own accord...have no doubt about that and be sure to adjust the dosage down if you find the cleansing reactions too overwhelming at first.



It is recommended to carry out the liver cleanses every two to three weeks or once a month until you have two detoxes in a row where no stones come out.  It takes minimum of two weeks for the liver to push the next lot of stones forward.  Following on from there, taking care of our livers needs to happen on a daily basis through your diet or a liver supplement and if you can fit in two liver detoxes a year as well then you will be looking, feeling and staying in great shape for the remainder of your life.

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