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Adya Clarity - 32oz/946 ml  (End Of Line Sale)
Adya Clarity - 32oz/946 ml (End Of Line Sale)
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946ml / 32oz bottle of Adya Clarity - Middle sized bottle.


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Adya Clarity is a Para-magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted from the rarest, most mineral rich Biotite/Black Mica volcanic deposit in Mount Fuji, Japan. A proprietary acid sulfate process is used to perfectly extract the elements from the Black Mica that are made 100% bioavailable. The Mount Fuji deposit is the only known pure resource of Black Mica.


Functions of Adya Clarity: Adya Clarity's function is to precipitate dissolved contaminants within water making the toxins harmless. Adya Clarity has the ability to convert dissolved contaminants into burned-up, inert matter.

  • Magnetic Sulfate Minerals increase the elements needed for optimum cellular function
  • Purify, Microcluster, Structure and Optimize any water by simply adding Adya Clarity


Procedure for water purification:

  • Add 15 drops to 1 liter of water or 1 teaspoon to a gallon (4.5 litres) & stir
  • For filtered water wait 30 sec
  • For tap water wait 30 min
  • Depending on contaminants, there will be a gathering of agglutinated substance at bottom of container, peachy in colour. This is inert and harmless. Even if you drank it, it is neutralized and will not do anything in your body, but you can drink the top and pour out the bottom if you want.


Adya Clarity - Ionic Minerals: Adya Clarity is a dissolved ionic mineral salt. It is a magnetic sulfate mineral solution that is extracted through an acid sulfate process from one of the rarest, and most mineral rich Biotite or Black Mica sources on this planet. With over 80 trace minerals in soluble form, Adya Clarity also provides the body with one of the most complete mineral matrices that Nature has to offer.

  • Bacteria is eliminated
  • Impurities are clarified
  • Oxygen is activated
  • Frequency and energy are raised
  • Taste is enhanced

The result is great tasting water that is mineral rich, hydrating, and detoxifying. This honorable mineral salt is so powerful we have been able to provide 3rd world countries the ability to sanitize and purify some of the most contaminated water on this Earth.  



HOW TO USE ADYA CLARITY: Adya Clarity is formulated to be mixed into water. Once mixed with water, the minerals dissolve and become part of the water. Adya Clarity minerals also work to purify the water. Dissolved contaminants which exist in the water become visible. They then sink to the bottom of the glass or container and never mix back into the water. In other words, while in this water, they can never dissolve again. In distilled water there should be no dissolved contaminants, therefore, there should be no precipitation. Unfortunately, almost all other waters such as tap, rivers, lakes, ponds, spring and even most bottled waters show signs of dissolved contaminants. Adya clarity is amazing at revealing contamination along with making the water safer, cleaner, and healthier to drink. In this way, Adya Clarity is used to clean-up the impurities in water and as an outstanding source for a complete matrix of minerals.  


Adya Clarity attracts water contaminants, gathering them together into larger sized particulates that are heavier than water, causing them to sink to the bottom. Before your eyes, you can see soluble, invisible contaminants become insoluble, visible contaminants. With this ability, muddy water can now be made clear.  


HOW ADYA CLARITY CAME INTO EXISTENCE: After decades of research, and travel in search of the best rocks that contained the most abundant minerals, Dr. Shimanishi of Japan found and invented a patented way to extract minerals from rocks called black mica and maintain them in an ionized form.

Excerpt from interview with the inventor of Adya Clarity Dr. Asao Shimanishi.  
QUESTION:"How did you come to think of extracting minerals from Black Mica?" "Once upon a time, I was involved in the study of discharging radioactive water from nuclear reactors. There was a material that absorbed radioactivity called an ion exchanging body; this material was made from vermiculites, which are a natural ion exchanging body. When this material came to my possession, and I had a chance to study it, I came to realize that vermiculites were actually stones called effervescent mica. Mica found abroad was almost all white mica type, but black mica had more abundant minerals. So I began a search to see where I could find black mica in Japan. I found them in granites. The liquid form of these minerals is the extracted Super Minerals. They were not chemically synthesized. They were just extracted out from Nature as they existed. " Dr. Asao Shimanishi 


Dr. Shimanishi became the authority on the treatment and cleaning of water in Japan. This extraordinary discovery has led not only to the betterment of human health, but to revolutionary changes in agriculture, poultry, horticulture, aquatics, raw sewage treatment, and waste water treatment. As a result, major conglomerates now use his lab as the final resource for their respective water treatments.

Dr. Shimanishi made his discovery in 1960s. Minerals he extracted from black mica rocks from north of Tokyo had a tremendous healing and nourishing power.   Plants and farm produce grew better and stronger when he fed them with the mineral. Cow dung considered difficult to be made biodegradable became easier to treat. People who ate vegetables fertilized with his water became healthier. Fish in his fish tank lived longer even in a constricted space, and when they died, they did not rot. Chicken egg shells became harder and the yolks were larger.


Results: Dr. Shimanishi proved that dead ponds could be revived with his Mineral Solution.

  • Fruits from trees watered with the solution tasted better.
  • Eels and other fish cultivated in fish farms with the use of his minerals instead of anti-biotics proved to be healthier.
  • Korean rice growers saw with their own eyes that rice stalks did not easily succumb to the powerful wind force from typhoons.


Dr. Asao Shimanishi of Tokyo is a noted scientist, and an authority on water in Japan. His clients include Japanese manufacturers like Toyota, Hitachi and Matsushita.

Adya mineral drops contain a powerful energy that electrically energizes water which in turn energizes your body. It also destroys bad bacteria and removes chlorine from drinking water. This amazing ability is duplicated in nature every day. We can see it in plant roots as they dissolve and uptake minerals, and we can also see it when volcanoes bring forth sulfuric acid to help dissolve stones.

This electric life energy works well only when we have abundant ionic state minerals in our body. Minerals serve as the carrier of energy and as the communication device for life. Without minerals, life as we know it could not exist. Plants, animals, humans and even water become unstable and start showing degenerative symptoms when equired minerals are not present in an ionic form. Using the process developed by Dr. Shimanishi we are able to deliver an ionic mineral complex that can transform your drinking water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting water. Our mineral solution contains at least 50 ionic trace minerals. Many famous mineral springs known for their healing abilities contain sulfate minerals leached from silicate compounds. Our mineral solution are ionized and extracted in sulfate and water from a silicate mineral known as Biotite. Biotite is famous for its many healing properties, especially its ability to awaken one's consciousness. It has been proven that these mineral solutions have the power to oxygenate, mineralize, and restore the energy in water. Imagine what we could do for a lake, a stream, farming, and even ourselves. We can help make corrections in drinking water, agriculture, horticulture, and aquiculture.


WHY USE AN IONIC MINERAL SUPPLEMENT? Not all minerals are created equally. If minerals are not in the correct form, they can build up to toxic levels in the body's tissues and joints. What form of minerals does the body absorb most readily and most efficiently - ionic minerals. This is what Adya Clarity provides. Minerals are always combined elements. The key to good minerals is good relationships between the combined elements. Adya Clarity ionic mineral solution will always seek out the best combinations. If minerals are combined in a less than optimum way, the mineral bond can be easily broken. Adya Clarity provides one of the most stable combinations of minerals available. Therefore, when Adya Clarity encounters unhealthy mineral marriages, these marriages are broken up and better relationships are formed. The stable ionic sulfate minerals of Adya Clarity force unstable mineral marriages to divorce and recombine. An example of this is what happens to the sodium fluoride in water. The sodium fluoride bond is reconfigured into calcium fluoride, an insoluble ionic compound. Calcium fluoride appears naturally in our teeth, bones, underground water, and seawater. On the other hand, sodium fluoride does not. The newly formed bonds of calcium fluoride also reduce in half the overall fluoride content of the water.  


Sulfate ionic minerals are also known to support enzymatic functions throughout the body. Minerals are needed to activate the enzymes in our body. When the body is supplied with minerals, the necessary enzymatic functions can activate. Unfortunately, many studies have shown that our food and water do not provide us with the necessary minerals. Adya Clarity water can provide your body with dissolved minerals that are bio-available.  


WHEN I ADD ADYA CLARITY TO MY WATER, WHY DOES MY WATER TURN CLOUDY? The cloudiness that instantly occurs when you add Adya Clarity to your water is actually the precipitation of the contaminants that had existed in your water. Through the power of the minerals, those elements that were dissolved in your water have become undissolved. The powerful magnetic forces of Adya Clarity's minerals have attracted contaminants and clumped them into visible particles that can now fall out of solution. These clumps of contaminants are heavier than water and are now free to become sediment. The contaminants are rendered harmless. Adya Clarity allows the water molecule clusters to reduce by half their size. As a smaller water cluster, the contaminants have less space upon which to attach themselves to the water. The contaminants are forced to fall out of solution. Furthermore, the precipitated contaminants will never dissolve back into the water. Amazing, but you can see the water become pure right before your eyes!

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