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Chocolate Goji Chia Pudding/Breakfast
Chocolate Goji Chia Pudding/Breakfast
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Chocolate Goji Chia Pudding/Breakfast Dish

This dish is so nourishing and enjoyed by all ages that it can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days and a few spoonfuls eaten at any time that you feel like you need something sustaining and nourishing.  The Chia, Goji, raw cacao and high Pollen Count Raw Honey are all energy, endurance and longevity foods and this mix will keep you going for hours on end.  It makes a wonderful breakfast choice for children who will enjoy the flavour and feel nourished for hours.





Place all the ingredients with the exception of the chia seeds into a high power blender and blend on full till completely mixed together into a smooth liquid.  If your blender does not have the ability to completely process the cacao butter into a liquid, you can melt or soften it by placing it in a bowl or pyrex cup and sitting in very hot water.


Next pour the liquid into a bowl or dish that has a cover and, using a whisk, slowly start sprinkling the chia seeds in while constantly whisking and stirring the chia seeds thoroughly into the liquid.  Once all the chia seeds have been added and stirred, keep giving the mixture the odd whisk over the next 5 minutes while the chia starts to swell and to prevent the seeds from clumping together.  You can then cover with the lid and store in the fridge.


The whole mix will thicken up over the next couple of hours as most of the nutrient rich liquid is absorbed by the chia seeds.




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