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Miner’s Lettuce Spring Smoothie
Miner’s Lettuce Spring Smoothie
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Miner’s Lettuce Spring Smoothie

Low glycaemic, alkaline, high in chlorophyll, omegas and Vitamin C plus Body Ecology Friendly

To make a blender full – 

  •  4 granny smith apples
  •  4 stalks of celery
  •  Bowl full of Miner’s lettuce as per picture (or other spring greens)
  •  Pinch of Celtic Salt

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The common name miner's lettuce refers to its use by California Gold Rush miners who ate it to get their vitamin C to prevent scurvy. It can be eaten as a leaf vegetable and is eaten most commonly raw in salads or smoothies.

Also known as Winter Purslane, Miner’s Lettuce is an Heirloom green. It is a source of essential omega 3 fats plus Miner's lettuce has a pleasant flavour, somewhere between lettuce and spinach but a little sweeter.

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